Princess leggings

Daddy is on spring break so we decided to go to Disneyland for the day. Tessa was excited to wear her princess leggings from Fred and Mary Jo and see Ariel. She was very disappointed that the Mickey show and Play Parade weren’t playing today so we made up for it with other activities.  

Lately the parking structure has been closed so we have to park in the far Toy Story parking lot. This means we have to take a bus to the entrance instead of waking. Tessa wants to stand and play around now that she is two so I have to bribe her to sit with fruit snacks. (Bribery has happened more frequently so I need to start putting my foot down more).  

Our first stop was to see the princesses. Tessa got to meet Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White. Cinderella was so sweet and asked her a bunch of questions. (I’m sad I didn’t get it on video) She was impressed Tessa knew all the names of the princesses on her sweatshirt. She thought she was smart for a two year old. Then she escorted her to Ariel which Tessa was very excited to meet. And then Ariel escorted her to Snow White. Normally this doesn’t happen so Tessa felt special. 

Tessa has also been into the beast from Beauty and the Beast (since she watches him in the Christmas parade on YouTube) so we watched the Beauty and the Beast show at the Fantasy Faire theater. Tessa loved the show and even cried at the end. We told her we would come back and watch the Rapunzel show after lunch. 

On our way to lunch we happened upon a quick Mary Poppins show in front is the castle. Tessa loved it as well.  

We had pizza in Toontown and then headed back for the Rapunzel show.  Tessa of course had to sing while waiting for her lunch. 

 By the time we ate lunch and made it back the theatre was full so we watched from outside. Tessa didn’t want to stay long and I think it was because the “bad guy” scared her. We decided to head to California Adventure thinking she would fall asleep.

She didn’t so we rode Ariel instead. Cindy and binky had to join us. 

After Ariel we went to watch the Disney Jr show.  We ran into Mickey and Minnie on the way. Minnie stopped to say hi.  

Tessa liked the Disney Jr show this time around I think because she is more familiar with the characters. She again cried when it was over.  

She wanted to ride the Monsters Inc ride but it was closed so we went to check out Turtle Talk with Crush. Tessa wasn’t interested so we quickly left.  

Our last ride of the day was Mater. Since Tessa was tired binky and Cindy joined us on the ride. Tessa loves this ride so much!