Pretend Market

Tessa spent most of today playing in her new play room. To say she loves it would be an understatement.  

Calling Papa

While organizing her pretend food I realized that her kitchen doesn’t have a fridge so I used some of her birthday money and went to Toys R Us with Aunt Polly. We found her the cutest market to store her food and give her a place to “sell” food as well.  We also bought the matching cash register too. She likes that it has a scanner that beeps.

She loves it! Only problem is she won’t let me put any food in the baskets except for the fruit it came with. 

I also ordered her new play food since she was using Auntie Madi’s food from when she was little. I wanted more choices for her to “cook” in her kitchen. I love that we found a chicken breast and Mac n cheese.