Potty Training Day 2

So today sucked! Tessa had accident after accident after accident. We would put her on the potty when the timer would go off and do everything to get her to sit there for at least two minutes. Videos, games, books, playing with stuffed animals we did it all. Then minutes after sitting on the potty she would have an accident. This probably happened five times today. We had one successful pee on the potty but that’s all. I googled ideas and one mom said she would give a candy for a pee in the potty and for dry panties. That sure didn’t entice Tessa. So our goal tomorrow is to hopefully pee in the potty when we sit there. 

To pass the time Tessa and I baked chocolate chip cookies. She loves to bake! This time I let her open the butter and pour in all the ingredients. She is also learning how to crack eggs. She loves to lick the beater and this time she even ate a cookie.  

Tessa has been fighting her naps the past few days which leads to her not being a good listener as the day goes on. Today we tried quiet time in her room. We told her she had to play in her room by herself and not come out. That lasted about 10 minutes which was longer than I thought. Tomorrow we will have quiet time in the crib so she can’t get out. Then she can nap if she wants. 

The best part is the day was playing follow the leader outside. She would walk around her table and do different things and we would copy her. She made us dance, hold our hands above our heads, squat and jump. If we did good she would clap for us.