Potty Training Day 1

Today we decided to devote three days to potty training hopefully by Monday night Tessa will only be wearing diapers at naps and bedtime. We are using timers on our phones to remind Tessa to take a break and sit on the potty. The problem is she doesn’t want to stop playing to sit on the potty, this lead to one accident this morning. Then Tessa had success when she went pee on the potty during one of our trips to the bathroom. We made a huge deal about it and she got a jelly bean. Then we had another accident during lunch.  

Uncle Scott and Aunt Penny cane by to check on the garden and bring fake grass for inside the playhouse. 

While I was in the craft room Tessa told James she had to pee. They rushed and made it to the potty on time! Another success! I was happy she was starting to understand when she had to go.  

We had a few more accidents this afternoon where Tessa would say she had to pee so we would put her on the potty and realize it was too late. Each time though she only had a little pee in her panties not a puddle on the floor. So we are making progress…not bad for day one.