Potty Training…again 

Early this week Tessa showed interest in going pee on the potty I decided to jump on the situation and see if she was ready this time. Last time we were all stressed out and it was a bad experience. I was hoping things would go differently this time. 

Saturday morning after her bath she chose the princess panties she wanted to wear and we told her to let us know when she had to go pee. I also downloaded the pull ups app that has a timer and Minnie Mouse games. James was getting ready in our room and I was nursing Landon when Tessa decided she had to pee. She went to our bathroom, pulled down her panties and went pee! She came running to us and said “I think I peed!”. James checked the potty and sure enough two little drops were in there. We told her to sit back down a try some more. She again went two more drops, stood up and said “I think I peed!”. We let her play the Minnie Mouse game and she sat down again. This continued for a good 30 minutes. 

The day continued and we would ask her if she had to pee but didn’t force the situation. Soon we stopped using the timer and she would tell us she had to pee. Things were going so much smoother. She wore a diaper for naps and bedtime but was doing great during the day. 

On Sunday she finally went pee without standing up 50 times and was thrilled. She loves to dump the pee in the toilet and flush. We stopped using the timer and Minnie Mouse game. She was actually becoming potty trained! She had a few accidents where she didn’t make it to the potty in time and got a little pee in her panties but nothing major. ​

So far we only had two big accidents on Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Other than that Tessa tells us she has to go or has gone on her own. I’m glad we waited until Tessa was ready because it has made the process less stressful. Hopefully we will be buying less diapers in the near future.