Poop on the potty

While shopping at Target last week I found a princess potty seat that sits on top of the big potty. 

Tessa hasn’t wanted to sit on her little potty so I figured this might be a better option. She was super excited when I brought it home and even asked to sit on it. We were off to a better start. James and I have been placing her on her new potty seat when she asks and after her nap. Nothing happened though. 

Yesterday we were out front washing my car and I noticed her diaper was dry. I asked her if she wanted to go sit on the potty. She said yes. As we were sitting there she said she had to toot toot and wanted to get off. I distracted her and then I heard a little sound. Once she was done sitting we checked the potty and she went poop! The tiniest poop ever but poop none the less. We made a big deal about it and she earned 2 stickers. 

I’m hoping this motivates her to want to use the potty more. I guess we will wait and see.