Play date with Payton and Kennedy

Today we had a play date with Payton and Kennedy. My mom has been friends with Rhonda since before I was born and her daughter Kristen has a little girl, Payton, who is a year older than Tessa. Kristen is also pregnant and having a boy (and naming him Landon too 🙂 we had been meaning to get together and it finally happened! Another one of my mom and Rhonda’s friends brought over her granddaughter Kennedy to play too.  

Tessa was excited to play with all the different toys.  

Then the girls ate lunch together  

And played some more  

Then Kennedy had to leave since it was her nap time so we walked to the park to play. It was super hot so we didn’t stay long.  



Payton and Tessa played well together especially since they are both only children (for now)  

Tessa started falling asleep on the couch so we headed home. She protected the brownies on the drive.  

Since she had such a late nap we went to Coco’s for dinner with Daddy, Gigi, and Papa. Tessa had her first experience with the toy machines. She got three princess stickers.