Play date

We haven’t had a play date with Valerie and Milo in a long time! It was nice to get the kids together like we did when everyone was on maternity leave. When we arrived Valerie and Milo were napping so Tessa jumped in the bouncer, played with the water table, and threw the ball to Ellie. 

Once Valerie and Milo woke up the fun continued. 

Dana brought back Chick-fli-a for lunch and Tessa gave Valeire and Milo the special drinks she chose for them at the grocery store. 

Then more playing outside while we waited for Landon to wake up. 

Once Landon woke up we walked to get a shaved ice. Tessa was excited to use the new double stroller. Both Tessa and I enjoyed the shaved ice. 

Once back at Dana’s Tessa and Milo fed Valerie’s fish. 

After a fun filled day Tessa passed out before we even made it down the street.