Picture People

Today we went to Picture People to get Tessa’s 3 month photos taken.  She started off a little fussy due to a wardrobe malfunction (the sleeve of her dress was too tight).  So we had to adjust our outfit plan.  She ended up wearing a cute navy dress and leggings from her Gigi’s tennis friend, Laurie.   She also wore a beautiful crocheted lavender sweater from her Aunt Penny.  We used the adorable quilt Vicky made us too! Our normal photographer wasn’t available so we had a different one.  She kept missing all the cute shots. I didn’t get as many options as I wanted, but oh well there is always next month!  Here are a few of the cute ones we did manage to get.img_0002 img_0009 img_0019 img_0022 img_0025 img_0033 img_0049