Picture People 8 months

I had big plans for Tessa’s photos this month. Outfits were planned around the fall props at Picture People so I was excited for her pictures today. We started off with Tessa wearing an orange shirt and overalls. She wanted to eat the fake leaves and wouldn’t stand against the tree stump. Scratch that outfit! Thank goodness Gigi bought Tessa a cute blouse and leggings from Gap. Tessa was much happier and started smiling. All was well until we started using the apple props. The last pose had Tessa holding onto a basket of apples. In true Tessa form she started head banging and hit her forehead on the metal handle. That lead to tears, the end of our photo shoot, and an ice pack for her owie. We ended up with two poses we liked and a baby girl with a red bump on her forehead.




A quick look in the mirror at herself always makes Tessa happy again.


She looks so big in her shoes and jeggings!