Picture People-10 month

I was so excited for this month’s photo shoot at Picture People because we were getting a free cd with our photo club. We had to take her pictures a week late because of the holidays and our photographer Valerie was on vacation. It was ok though because it gave me time to plan out Tessa’s outfits and find/make the perfect props.
Tessa woke up happy and seemed to be herself until we got to the studio. We put on her adorable Scotty dog dress and sat her down and nothing! No smile, head tilt, nothing! She just sat there and scrunched her nose. We thought it was because we were using a back drop in the big studio instead of the private rooms. So we did an outfit change and went into a private room. Still nothing! Which made me so sad because I wanted her Angel jersey pictures to look cute! Even Paige tried to get Tessa to smile but nothing was working. I finally gave her a quick boob snack to pep her up and then she started to act a little more like herself. Our last outfit was black and silver for New Years. She liked playing with the horn and even blew into it. Thank goodness Great Aunt Polly and Paige were there to hold the banner while Gigi and I tried to get a smile out of Tessa.
Overall, the pictures still turned out cute but it definitely wasn’t Tessa’s best photo day. I hope she is back to her normal self for her 11 month photos. Here are some of the shoots our amazing photographer Valerie was able to get: