Picky Eater

I feel like we might have a picky eater on our hands. Tessa started out loving every veggie (except carrots) and every fruit (except avocado) and always ate well. Lately though she has been going through phases of what she likes and doesn’t like. I’ve been trying to get her more protein since seeing this picture. She loves cheese but then struggles to poop. So we have tried egg, chicken, tilapia, and black beans. So far the only one she will take more than 5 bites of are black beans. Tonight after a few bites of chicken sprinkled with cheese and strawberries Tessa moved them over to the corner of her tray so she could just eat bites of cheese cubes. The other morning she seperated her pancake pieces from her egg. I guess she is going to be like me and not like her food to touch.