Park, Story time, Dr Appt 

We had a busy Tuesday! I took Tessa to play at the park before story time. 

At story time they read books about birds and made a bird nest craft. Tessa loved using the glue! 

After lunch we had to go to Corona for my ultrasound appointment. Tessa fell asleep on the way there. 

When we arrived both the receptionist and ultrasound tech asked if I had a babysitter. I said no and they seemed annoyed. I reassured them she is well behaved and I brought things to keep her busy. I was right and Tessa was amazing! She sat on the chair and watched baby Landon on the screen. She talked to me and waited patiently. The ultrasound tech was surprised with how well behaved she was. I wasn’t surprised 🙂 My doctor messaged me and let me know that Landon’s kidneys are now normal. Tessa didn’t nap once we got home so she had an early bedtime.