Panties at Disneyland

Today was Tessa’s first trip to Disneyland in panties! She didn’t have any accidents! The best part was we didn’t have to ask her all day nor did we stop at every bathroom. Her favorite part was using the little potty at the baby center and getting a sticker when she was finished. 

We finally got to park in the structure so we walked through Downtown Disney to get to the parks. We stopped to show Tessa the Lego Beauty and the Beast. She loved it. 

Once in the park we headed to get Tessa a special drink that came in a Beast cup. She was so excited. 

We then stopped to see the princesses so Tessa could tell them she is a big girl and goes pee on the potty. She also told Cinderella she had her on her panties. 

Then we went to see the Mickey in Toontown. He loved Tessa and Landon. 

We went to watch the Mickey show and got a front row seat because it wasn’t crowded. Before the show started smoke started coming from behind the stage so the smoke alarms went off and we had to evacuate the area. Tessa was so disappointed. 

We went to ride Small World instead. Landon stayed awake this time and enjoyed all the music and colors. 

Tessa is 36 inches now so she can ride some new rides. Today we rode the bumper cars. Tessa loved being able to drive. 

Then she rode the caterpillar train with Landon. 

We explored the Beast’s Library for the first time with Tessa. She took the quiz and found out the character she is most like. She got Alice. 

She rode the dancing cars after watching the Play Parade with Daddy. 

On our way out we saw a cast member make a Mickey head out of leaves. 

Then Tessa passed out! 

I’m so proud of her for making it through a Disney day in panties. Our baby girl is growing up!