Pam and Tina Visit/Swim Lessons Day 2

This morning Tessa helped me cut roses from our front yard to arrange in our mason jar table decor.  She did a great job!

We then played the cupcake game 

Then Pam and Tina visited since they would be on vacation for Landon’s birthday.  Tessa thought Aunt Tina’s magic tricks were amazing!

Aunt Pam helped Tessa with her princess play doh.

Then we had to go to swim lessons but planned on meeting up with Aunt Pam, Aunt Tina, Gigi and Auntie at frozen yogurt afterwards.

Tessa was already getting better after just a day of swim lessons.  She loves her Coach and is very comfortable with her.

After frozen yogurt we went back to Gigi and Papa’s house for more swimming!  Tessa wanted to practice what she learned. She even went under water!

Tessa was exhausted after her busy day.