Paige’s Graduation 

Today cousin Paige graduates high school! Hooray!  

We stopped by to tell her how proud we were after Gymboree! Tessa wasn’t going to make it through the ceremony. Tessa sent Paige off with kisses and a high 5.  

Then she tried on Aunt Polly’s sunglasses before they left for the ceremony.  


 And then she fell and bumped her head is the stairs.  


We played while we waited for Aunt Pam and Auny Tina to show up. Once they got there we walked outside and then read books.  

Tessa didn’t make it to the after party. By 7:45 she was doing the Cindy rub and laying in the floor. We decided to call it a night and head home. Although we didn’t get to celebrate with Paige we are so proud of her and will miss her while she is away at college in Colorado.