New bedtime routine

I’ve been feeling like a bad mom lately because Tessa has been going to bed so late. I finally realized that it was taking her a long time to calm down regardless of what time we put her in the crib. Last night I googled tips on what to do. One parent mentioned a good night book that incorporates yoga. I figured it was worth a shot! 

Today Tessa and I took a trip to Barnes and Noble to find the book.  

She had fun looking around and reading different books with me. She also found a stage and started to perform. 

Afterwards we went to the mall so could find some maternity shorts. I told her we would look in the “Mickey store” aka Disney Store before going to my store. She is really good about looking at toys and then putting them away.  

Gigi met us at the maternity store and Tessa wanted to immediately take her back to the Disney Store. Come to find out she wanted to show Gigi the Minnie car play set. Gigi ended up buying it for her. Tessa is one spoiled little girl!  

Tonight we tried a new bedtime routine. After dinner James gave Tessa a bath and then we played quietly in her room. Then we read her new book. She loved it! James did all the moves with her and she tried each one. She wanted to go the moves one more time before having her bedtime yogurt. After yogurt we put her in her crib and she hasn’t called out for us once and isn’t singing or playing around. I’m so happy tonight is going better. The best part is she fell asleep within 20 minutes!