Mother’s Day

Today to celebrate Mother’s Day the whole family went to Hunter Park to ride the train and have a picnic.  The train is run by volunteers and only runs the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.  I was happy that Mother’s Day fell on a Sunday that it would be working.  I figured with it being Mother’s Day the lines wouldn’t be too long (they weren’t so Tessa got to ride the train twice). 


We set up our spot under a tree and played while waiting for Paige and Aunt Polly to stop by.  Tessa thought the track ball game Gigi and Auntie Madi were playing was super funny and kept giggling. IMG_0416IMG_0411 

            Time to ride the train!  Tessa was super excited and kept signing “more” even though we hadn’t ridden it yet.  Papa bought her a train conductor hat too! The ride was so fun and went all around the park.  Tessa kept clapping and putting her arms out.IMG_0430 IMG_0440 IMG_0447  



 IMG_0453 IMG_0485 IMG_0487 IMG_0489 

 After our second ride the train engineer let Tessa sit in his seat and told her when she was 10 years old she could learn to drive the train.  IMG_0504 IMG_0507


We then enjoyed a picnic under a tree.  Tia Lindsey fed Tessa some fried chicken (just the chicken not the skin) and to my surprise she ate it!  I have tried giving me chicken on mulitple occasions and she hasn’t touched it.  I think she ate it because it was dark meat. She also enjoyed yummy watermelon Papa shared with her. IMG_0479  



After some more playing we headed back to Gigi and Papa’s house so Tessa could nap.  After her nap we took her in the jacuzzi.  She loved riding in her boat and practicing swimming. 


Such a great Mother’s Day with my favorite little girl!