Mommy-daughter Disney day

Today Tessa and I went to Disneyland together. Tessa was great on the drive there! She played with her Snow White doll (she even told her they were going to see the parade today) and read her zoo book.  

We have to go on Friday-Monday (for this month) since that’s when Mickey and the Magical Map are playing. When we arrived the line was long for the princesses so we watched the marching band in front of the castle. Tessa loves this because her favorite characters come out and dance. 

Next we headed to Mickey and the Magical Map. We were a little early so Tessa had lunch.  She finally realized that uncrustables are good and ate mine.  

Tessa LOVES this show so much! She knows the entire show by heart and sings along.  


Then we went on Small World.  

After Small World she told me she needed to rest before her next ride. So I walked around until she fell asleep and then we found a shady spot for her to rest.  

We had some time before the parade so we stopped to see the princesses. Ariel asked her if she was going to be a mermaid and Tessa said yes. 

We rushed to meet up with Dana and Valerie to watch the parade. Tessa had to point out each character and Pluto stopped to say hi.  

The girls were hot and needed a diaper change so we headed to the baby center. Valerie and Tessa drank water and shared hugs.  

Then we went to California Adventure and rode The Little Mermaid. The girls love that ride and held hands as we left.  

We went to Bugs Land next and rode the take out boxes. The girls played ring around the rosey with Dana in line. They giggled and laughed the whole time on the ride.  

Next we rode the Ladybugs. This ride is crazy but the girls love it.  

We had dinner at the Pacific Wharf. Tessa had easy mac and I got a salad with bread. Tessa loves the sourdough bread bowl.  

Our last ride of the night was Mater. Another one of the girls favorite rides. Tessa kept saying she was squishing me every time the ride would spin.  


Last year on this day Tessa and I had a Disney day. She has grown so much!