Mommy and Tessa Disney Day

Tessa hasn’t been to Disneyland in almost a month so I decided today was the perfect day to take her since James had to work the football game at school tonight. 

All day yesterday Tessa talked about how she wanted to meet Mickey. Lately Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been her favorite show. So I knew we had to meet Mickey first. I realized I forgot her sunglasses once we parked so we stopped to buy a pair and then we headed to Toontown to Mickey’s house. The line wasn’t bad only 15 minutes. 

Tessa was so excited! When it was her turn she walked right up to Mickey and gave him a big hug. She even gave him a kiss on the nose. I thought I was capturing all this on video and quickly realized I forgot to press the button 🙁 I was so disappointed! I started taking pictures but it was bad lighting. Hopefully the photo pass photographer took some good ones.  

Tessa loved meeting Mickey so much that she wanted to get back in line. So we did. This time we went in a different door and met Mickey dressed in his normal costume. Tessa was just as excited the second time around and I remembered to press play on the video. 


We then went to ride Dumbo and the carousel. Tessa did a great job flying Dumbo on her own.  


(Ignore my facial expressions it was very sunny and I couldn’t tell what I was recording) 

After some chicken nuggets, french fries, and sweet tea (who knew Disneyland had sweet tea!) for lunch Tessa took a short nap. 

We walked around the shops on Main Street while we waited for the parade. Tessa had fun playing with Minnie and Mickey. 

We found a great spot in the shade for the parade. Tessa wanted to see Donald and Goofy so I figured the parade was a good option. The band played while we waited and Tessa danced along to the music. Then kept looking for Mickey. The older ladies next to us commented on how patient she was.

Once the parade started she was so happy! She waved to all the characters especially Donald. After every float went by she would sign “more”. She couldn’t get enough. When the princess float came by Rapunzel blew her a kiss so Tessa blew her one back. It was such a sweet moment. Her favorite music is from the Princess and the Frog float.  


Tessa was so sad when the parade ended and kept signing “more”.  

To distract her we went to California Adventure. When we were walking to The Little Mermaid ride we stumbled upon the Newsboy show and stopped to watch. I knew Mickey was apart of the show. Tessa enjoyed it and even made the same hand movements as Minnie.  


We rode The Little Mermaid ride twice. Tessa is getting so big she can sit on the seat next to me now and waves to all the characters throughout the ride. 

Then we walked to another ride.   

After the ride we stopped to play with Minnie and Mickey again before heading to Bugs Land.  


We rode Flick’s Flyers twice before heading home. This is Tessa’s expression when the ride starts.  


 Such a fun day at the happiest place on earth! I’m glad Tessa gets to experience the magic of Disneyland so often.