Mommy and Tessa Day

Today Tessa and I spent the whole day together. Daddy didn’t come home until late because he was working the football game. Tessa and I went to the breast feeding clinic after her morning nap to ask some questions. I wanted to make sure it was ok that she still woke up twice a night to nurse. Apparently it is ok because their stomachs are the size of their fist causing them to get hungry faster. I got a good tip while I was there. I need to feed Tessa her veggies before nursing her. I was doing it the other way around.

After the clinic we drove to Papa’s yard so I could pick up a box full of my old jeans (I’m hoping they fit now!) Tessa got to visit with Papa, Tio, and Richard. She even did some work on the computer while she was there.


Once we got home it was time for Tessa to eat. Today she was trying peas for the first time. I think we have a new favorite veggie! At the beginning she was unsure but then she kept opening her mouth for more.

We then played on the carpet, cleaned and Tessa took a nap. After her nap it was time for more peas. We then went outside to swing and enjoy the cool weather.



I love being able to spend my days with Tessa!