We have had such a crazy weekend/beginning of the week which has lead me to be MIA. It is all for good reason though…we’re moving!!!! 

We decided to list our condo a couple of weeks ago and had many showings. After a few days we accepted a full price cash offer. We spent all day Saturday looking at homes to buy. I think we walked through 7 different houses. We found one we liked but it needed some updating. Willing to deal with updating things as went we put in an offer. It turned out that multiple offers were received. Not willing to pay more for a house we didn’t completely love we decided to rescind our offer. 

Luckily Michael didn’t like the roof on that house (it reminded him of Grammy’s) so he decided to look on Zillow and found us a listing. It is a for sale by owner which I wasn’t too sure about. But I couldn’t pass up seeing what looked like a beautiful and clean house. I set up a showing for Monday afternoon. Aunt Penny and Polly came along for support. 

As soon as I walked in I knew it was “the one”. She even had the same chair I used to have in my office. I felt like it was a sign. Plus it has a white kitchen which is what I’ve always wanted! 

James and I both loved the house and decided to give them a full price offer. We signed a contract yesterday and opened escrow today!!! 

We are so excited to be 5 minutes away from Gigi and Papa, in a good school district, closer to James work and have a front/backyard for Tessa to play in. 

We have to be out of our condo on September 10th which gives us 15 days to pack. We don’t close on the new house until Sept 30th so we will be living with my parents for the meantime. 

I can tell Tessa knows something is going on and I’ve tried to explain to her what is happening (but then again she is 18 months old). She has been acting out a little recently so I need to find a way to balance packing and still giving her the attention she needs. In the end it will all be worth it once we are in our new home 🙂