Memorial Day 2017-Havasu

Friday night we headed to “the Havasu house” as Tessa likes to call it. She quickly realized we weren’t going the same direction as Disneyland when she saw the windmills. We listened to Disney princess songs while she sung and danced to entertain Landon. We stopped in Indio to get McDonald’s and she did a great job eating her dinner in the car. She amazes me with how clean of an eater she is. Then she watched Beauty and the Beast on the DVD player. She was amazing the whole drive. We only had to pull over once to let her go potty. 

She was super excited to be at the Havasu house and stayed up wayyy to late and woke up wayyy to early. 

Tessa couldn’t wait to get to the lake so she could go swimming! Daddy swam with her so much even though the water was cold. 

After a day on the lake we headed back to the house.  Auntie’s friend Angie came in from Phoenix to see the kids.  Tessa was excited to play with her and make popcorn.  Laura pulled through for us and let us borrow her popcorn maker since Auntie forgot to bring theirs.

Tessa slept much better (even slept in) so I was able to go surfing early with Madi and Angie. I came back got the kids ready and we headed out for another day on the lake.  Tessa had fun swimming with Angie and watching us surf.  She was great about always wearing her life jacket and being safe on the boat.

We came back to the house and Tessa napped then couldn’t wait to make more popcorn. Papa also gave her ice cream for dessert. Tessa couldn’t fight it anymore and ended up falling asleep on Gigi.

Monday was a great day on the lake because everyone left and it wasn’t windy. Tessa was brave today and went swimming behind the boat and held onto the swim step.

We ended up leaving late since Landon was napping.  Tessa was excited to get McDonald’s again on the drive home.  She was so tired though that she fell asleep while eating it!  She took a nap on a way home and then watched DVDs.  Even though horrible traffic she was well behaved.

Tessa had a blast all weekend and can’t wait to go back to the Havasu house.