Market and Little People

When Tessa wants you to come shop at her store she says “excuse me”. I’m trying to teach her to say “I’m open for business” instead. I tried to take a video of the process of shopping at her store but it was hard. 

 On our way home from running errands Tessa sung her favorite song while we drove home. 

Then we played with her Little People market and safari set. We have been pretending together so when she plays alone she tries to repeat what you say. In the safari video she is calling the man on the train the “safari man” and is asking him if the little girl can see the animals. He says “look but don’t touch”. The tiger always roars and the giraffe is so big. It is funny how closely she pays attention to what you say when you play with her. 

James’ friend Addison stopped by to visit so he had to come shop at Tessa’s store as well. I’m sad you can’t see her in the picture.  

After Addison left we went out for frozen yogurt. Tessa chose cake batter, chocolate and vanilla. Then she topped it with a gummy bear, chocolate chips, a few m&ms and sprinkles. Next time I’ll just top it with chocolate chips since she was sad when they were gone.