Mammoth-day 4

Today is our last day in Mammoth so Daddy took Tessa sledding before we had to check out.  

Then Tessa called Gigi to tell her she was ready to head home.  

We stopped at the store on the way out to get Tessa a souvenir. Her first Mammoth shirt.  

Tessa fell asleep for about an hour on the drive home. I wish it was for longer but she was happy playing with her toys and eating her fries.  We eventually had to resort to Barney and Disneyland parades on YouTube but it was worth it. Tessa needed a break so we stopped in Adelanto to let her stretch her legs. It helped and we made it home without any meltdowns.

I can’t thank Mom and Papa enough for such a great vacation! I can’t wait to take Tessa back next year and get her snowboarding lessons.