Mammoth-day 2

Tessa slept with us last night and I think she is the only one that got good sleep but that’s ok we are ready for a fun filled day! Daddy and Uncle Matt had all day snowboarding lessons so we watched them while Tessa sled. Auntie Madi and Tia Lindsey snowboarded while Gigi and Papa rented skis.  

Gigi pulled Tessa to the snow in her sled. We are lucky to stay in a resort with a ski lift right outside the door. 


Tessa liked sledding but then fell out when we were walking to the area to play so she had a mini meltdown and we went back to the room for a snack. 

Then Tia watched Tessa so I could snowboard with Madi and Mom and Papa could ski.  

Papa then took Tessa back to the room for a nap while the boys finished snowboarding school and we went on the lifts with Mom.  

After their lessons Uncle Matt was tired so he played with Tessa while the rest of us got a few more runs in. James was doing a great job!  


After dinner Daddy took Tessa in the spa.