Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend in Havasu with Gigi, Papa, Auntie, Tia and Uncle Matt.  Our lake family also joined us for some fun in the sun!  Tessa talked about going on the boat and surfing the whole drive out.  We left once James got of work so we didn’t get to the house too late.  Tessa was so excited to go to the lake she walked around in her water shoes while I packed.


Tessa enjoyed her first juice box once we arrived at the house.


Then next morning she was ready to head to the lake!  She surfed with Auntie, rode the Sea Doo with Tia and loved playing in the water with her Uncle Matt.

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Tessa had fun playing in the pool with Milo and jumping off the swim step with Valerie (even though Tessa did more of a fall then a jump).

_DSC0338 _DSC0326 _DSC0327 IMG_3611 _DSC0418

Tessa napped on the boat each day because watching surfing is exhausting!


She loves being on the boat and especially loved her special Doc McStuffins drink from Papa._DSC0673 IMG_3618 IMG_3595

Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to create memories with the ones we love and celebrate my birthday.

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