Kody’s Graduation Weekend

This weekend Tessa and I went up to San Luis Obispo to celebrate Kody graduating college. James stayed home to attend a graduation for his friend who was graduating with a doctorate from Loma Linda University. 

We drove up with Gigi, Papa, and Auntie Madi. Thank goodness Auntie Madi was there to help out! Tessa didn’t want to eat if I was giving it to her but loved everything Auntie Madi offered her. Here she is enjoying eggs.  


Then they played princesses together before Tessa took a nap.  




Traffic woke Tessa up but we kept her entertained with a straw and a Barney DVD.  




Then we arrived at Lopez Lake to have a fun day camping. Tessa loves nature so she had a great time.  

We went on a walk and even saw a deer!  







Tessa played some more before dinner.  






Then enjoyed the campfire before falling asleep with Aunt Pam.  




She stayed asleep until we got back to the hotel but didn’t want to sleep in her pack n play since she had no idea where she was. So she slept in the bed with me.  

I was able to keep her pretty quiet during the night so Tia Lindsey and Sarah could sleep. Tessa woke up early so we walked around the hotel.  


 After a bath Tessa fell asleep while watching Disney Jr.  


*no wonder Tessa loves vacation and going on trips she gets to eat things she doesn’t normally eat and watch tv

After her nap we headed to Phyllis and Nick’s house (Kody’s grandparents) to celebrate the graduate. Tessa loved playing with some of our old toys.  









 After lunch Kody opened his presents. We gave him a frame to store his keepsakes in when he visits Europe this summer.  


We visited some more.  


And then got ready for the drive home.  

Tessa slept for 2 hours straight!  


Then woke up to eat dinner, play with toys, and watch another Barney DVD.  


Overall, Tessa was amazing on this trip. Everyone kept telling me how easy she is.  I’m thankful for all the help I get. 

Congrats again Kody on a great achievement!