Havasu-Memorial Weekend (Sunday)

Tessa woke up around 6:15 which is earlier than normal because she fell asleep so early. We kept her quiet and played in the room until 8 when she wanted to wake up Gigi. Tessa was super excited to go on the boat again. She wore her holiday swim suit since we weren’t staying on Monday. 

Tessa thought it was amazing to dance and have her hair blow in the wind on the drive to camp. She was laughing and was so happy. 

These pictures sum up how much Tessa loves Havasu. 

Tessa loves to sit by Gigi in the boat. 

Tessa was safety while Paige surfed. 

Then she watched Daddy surf while having snacks with Aunt Polly. 

I am extremely grateful to have parents who have created such an awesome life for myself, James and Tessa.