Havasu-Memorial Weekend (Friday)

This morning we left for Havasu with Papa. James is meeting us there after work. I wanted to take Tessa early because Gigi and Papa built a new house out there and I wanted Tessa to get used to it. Tessa couldn’t wait to go and has been talking about it all week!

Tessa did great on the drive there. I let her watch lots of Barney and parades but oh well it made for an easy drive. We stopped in Indio for breakfast and Tessa ate a hash brown. 

We didn’t have to bust out the fruit snacks and Cheetos until we got to Parker which was good. 

Once we arrived we had lots to unload for the new house. Gigi, Aunt Polly, Auntie Madi, and Kevin got there yesterday to start setting up/decorating the new house. Aunt Polly bought Tessa a new dress up princess book. 

Next we got a Razor ride back to the old house to pick up some stuff (they are only a block apart). Tessa loved the Razor and kept asking to go on more rides.  

In the new house James and I have a suite in the back with our own room and bathroom. Tessa even has her own big girl bed! She has only slept in her crib so to get her excited for her bed Gigi took her to buy character sheets and helped her make her new bed. Tessa chose Sofia the First sheets. 

Of course there was too much excitement going on so she wouldn’t nap. Then Valerie and Dana stopped by to see the new house. The girls loved chasing each other down the hallway. 

Tessa was excited to wear her new Belle pjs. 

Daddy finally came and helped with bedtime. Tessa finally fell asleep at 10pm. I was proud she stayed in the room and put herself to sleep.