Havasu-4th of July Weekend (day 4)

Tessa woke up ready for another fun day on the lake. James and I decided we would only stay out until her nap time in an attempt to get to nap at the house which would make bedtime easier. Today all she wanted to do was play in her pool and ride the sea doo. Daddy took her on the sea doo while I went surfing (one last time before Landon is born) with Auntie, Gigi, Papa, and Uncle Scott. 

After lunch and some play time in the water Gigi and Papa dropped us off at the dock so we could take Tessa back to the house for a nap.

On the drive to the house Tessa was concerned Aunt Penny and Polly weren’t with us since they had been driving in our car each day to the lake. We distracted her with a Sofia the First show on tv and fed her a snack. Then it took about an hour to get to down for her nap. I’m very thankful she likes her crib because I’m not ready to give her a toddler bed and the amount of effort it takes to get her to sleep. She ended up napping for two hours which made coming off the lake early worth it. 

Then we had a yummy fish tacos for dinner. Tessa just ate beans and Papa’s guacamole. 

Kody and Michael played the fishing game and picnic with Tessa. 

Then Paige and her friends showed up since Paige’s client for the day cancelled. We all decided to drive to Dairy Queen for dessert. On the way Gigi drove with us and Tessa decided on vanilla ice cream. When we got to DQ the lobby was closed so we all hung out in the parking lot and enjoyed our treat. 

Once home we watched tv together before going to bed. Tessa told me “Mommy, I can’t sleep” so I told her just to relax on her bed. She took that as dance around with her Belle doll and sing. She finally fell asleep around 12:40. Luckily we were on vacation because she was getting away with lots of things that don’t normally happen at home.