Havasu-4th of July Weekend (day 3)

Tessa woke up early today so we watched Cinderella while everyone slept. Then headed out to the lake. Tessa wanted Aunt Polly to do everything with her including playing with her in the water while others were out surfing. 

Then she rode the sea doo…again. 

Then asked to go “tubing”. So Gigi went with her while Auntie gave her a ride. When Auntie stopped to make sure she was ok Tessa said “how about we go faster” which means she liked it. 

Tessa fell asleep on the way home from the lake and stayed asleep once we transfered her to her bed. 

After dinner everyone went to the casino but Tessa was still difficult to get to bed. You would think after a busy day on the lake she would be exhausted.