Havasu-4th of July Weekend (day 2) 

Tessa loves the Havasu house especially brushing her teeth. I love that we have our own room in the back of the house with a bathroom so if she wakes up early she doesn’t wake up everyone else in the house.  

Then we went out on the boat. Tessa had so much fun and surfed with Auntie. After surfing she rode the sea doo with Papa and didn’t want to stop! She kept telling Papa to go faster and faster. She also enjoyed playing in her pool and pretending with Aunt Polly.  

Surfing video coming soon 

She even let Michael throw her in the water to Auntie. 

Daddy and Uncle Scott arrived as we were pulling up from the lake. Daddy gave Tessa a bath and then she got to go on a Razor ride. 

After dinner we all watched Beauty and the Beast. Tessa had been asking to watch it for days. I was concerned it was too scary but we explained what was happening and she didn’t get scared. Gigi brought her special Beauty and the Beast Little People to play with while she watched the movie. She quickly fell asleep afterwards since she only took a short nap on the boat.