Havasu-4th of July 2016

Tessa slept in after going to bed so late last night. We had to bribe her with a Razor ride to get her ready for the day. Thankfully Auntie was willing to take her. Then we headed for the lake. Tessa was happy playing in her pool and floating with everyone. She went on a sea doo ride with Gigi and Papa and loved going fast. Then we went out on the boat with Gigi, Papa, and Auntie so Daddy could surf. 

After Gigi surfed we started heading back to camp. Tessa informed me that she didn’t get to surf. So we filled up the boat again and Auntie took her out to surf. I love that it was her idea. She said she is ready for her own turtle (Soulcraft) surfboard with princesses on it. We told her she has to start standing on the board with Auntie before she can get one of her own. 

Then we headed back to the house to get cleaned up and head home. We got one last family picture (as a family of 3). Then said our good byes.

We left around 6pm and luckily didn’t hit any traffic the whole drive home. Tessa stayed up since she napped on the boat. She was happy eating fries and watching Cinderella. We also saw fireworks from the car window in Moreno Valley. 

Overall we had a great weekend. I’m glad we were able to squeeze in one last trip before Landon is born especially since Tessa literally loves being on the lake. Next year we will all be enjoying Havasu together. 

Tessa is also proof that you can wear a 70 spf sunscreen and still get a tan.