We went back to Havasu for a couple of days since Tessa missed it so much!  Both kids were great on the drive there.  We stopped to pick up dinner at Havasu Springs, while the food was being made we went down to the dock to look at the fish.  We also spotted a turtle!

The weather was horrible the next day so we went on a walk and colored until the storm let up.  Then we took out the sea doos.  Tessa loved going fast and doing donuts.

The next day we surfed and Tessa tubed.  Papa and Auntie hate the tube but put their feelings aside so Tessa could have fun. Tessa loved it!!!  She wanted to go fast and get whipped out of the wake.   She is my daughter for sure! That night Gigi and Papa watched the kids so me, James and Auntie could go to Blue Water Casino.

On our last day Tessa fished with Papa, played with her Barbies and went on the sea doos again.

She is our little Havasu baby.