Hash browns at Gigi’s 

Tessa has been missing going to Gigi’s house since Landon has been born and I haven’t been going to work. She told me last week she “needed to go to Gigi’s house to have hash browns and play”. Today was the perfect day so I dropped her off at mom’s and went with Auntie to get a manicure (with Landon). Tessa loves hash browns and Gigi always gets her two from McDonald’s. 

Tessa had so much fun having one on one time with her Gigi. They played with her toys downstairs, played with the beads upstairs, and went outside to play in the sand and water. Gigi bought her Prince Eric and wedding Ariel as well as Prince Adam and wedding Belle for her castle. Tessa has such a great imagination that she used her Jeep and Santa sleigh as transportation for them. I love watching her play alone.