Happy Halloween 2017

Tessa was so excited for Halloween this year.  I think she realized you get candy when you trick or treat. I had to work today so Gigi had the kids.  Gigi helped Tessa make chili and cornbread for dinner.  Gigi, Papa, Auntie and Aunt Penny were all coming over. Tessa decided at the last minute (Sunday night) that she wanted Uncle Matt to be Snow White’s Prince.  Gigi came through and made part of the costume and Tia found the cape at a costume store.  We used scrubs for his pants.  Overall, I think it turned out great!  Tessa was so excited to wear her Snow White costume and looked beautiful.

Tessa would only go up to the non scary houses.  Our street had a few spooky houses so it took some convincing to even get her to continue to trick or treat. She finally got into a groove and was having fun.

She ended up with a good amount of candy and had the best time!