Happy Halloween 2016

Tessa was excited for Halloween this year because Uncle Matt was coming trick or treating with her. I tried to get cute pictures of Tessa and Landon before the feastives started but lately Tessa thinks “look at mommy and smile means looks at the floor”. 

We started our day off with making some sight word books for Tessa to practice reading while Landon napped. 

Then she wanted her binky so I told her she had to have it in her crib. By the time I went to check on her she had passed out and it was only 11am! 

Once she woke up I took pictures of her and Landon together. 

Uncle Matt took a half day so he and Tessa got to play before putting on costumes. 

Family pictures 

Time for costumes! Tessa was so excited to be Belle and Landon was a penguin. 

Uncle Matt made a great Beast 

Time to trick or treat! Tessa loved it! After a while she would say “I can’t wait to get more candy!” Everyone loved her costume and uncle Matt got lots of compliments. Once people found out he was Tessa’s uncle not her dad they were even more impressed! 

Tessa had a great Halloween!