Happy Easter 2018

Tessa had a great Easter even though she had a fever and wasn’t feeling like herself. She loved everything in her Easter basket especially the chocolate bunny she really wanted!

Then Tessa hunted for eggs that we hid inside the house. She did really good!

Then we got dressed and ready for Easter brunch with the family!

Then it was off to hunt for the eggs Flop the Easter Bunny hid.

Flop left a Little Mermaid Little Kingdom set and Ariel puzzle in the eggs he hid.

Tessa helped Gigi hide golden eggs for us grown up kids to find! It was super fun!

Tessa wasn’t feel well so she had some iPad time on our bed and rested while Landon napped. Then we dyed eggs. She wanted to make a rainbow and dyed one egg in each color. She did a great job and loved it!

It’s like Christmas when you are loved by so many people! Uncle Matt and Tia gave Tessa a bunch of pez easter candy, Erika gave her a Mulan Lego set, Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt gave her a Belle bath set, diving toys and paper dolls, Aunt Penny gave her lipsmakers and an Easter Lego set and lastly Gigi and Papa gave her a princess lunch box filled with a Puppy Pals surprise box, Beauty and the Beast lip gloss and the Brave movie. She is one lucky little girl!

*more pictures to come