Happy Easter 2016

Easter morning started off with Tessa looking through her Easter basket. She loved everything we put inside especially the bunny pez candy and Minnie Mouse lipsmackers.


Then Tessa hunted for eggs.  


Tessa them opened her gift from Fred and Mary Jo. They always send her the cutest books! 

Daddy took Tessa to swing outside while I got ready. Then we dressed Bitty in her new outfit and Tessa got her pretty dress on too.  

Then everyone started arriving  

 and it was time for brunch!  

Dana and Valerie joined us too. The girls had so much fun playing together. They are getting so big!  


Then it was time to egg hunt out front. Tessa found an egg on her way out the door. The girls did a great job hunting.  Tessa was thrilled her eggs were filled with fruit snacks and jelly beans. 


After the egg hunt Tessa opened her Easter basket from Gigi and Papa. Of course there were more fruit snacks! And Stuffy, Lambie, Mickey cup, a pinwheel for her garden and the Princess and the Frog movie.  

Dana and Valeris also brought Tessa a basket too full of goodies.  

Then we let the girls get naked to dye eggs. It was a little stressful but could have gone worse. Tia helped Tessa. Tessa loved to drop the eggs in each color especially pink.  

Then Tessa decided she needed to play naked.  

After bribing her with fruit snacks to get dressed she opened her gifts from Aunt Penny and Aunt Polly.  Aunt Penny gave her the Easter Little People set and the Prince Charming for her castle. Aunt Polly gave her a Minnie swim suit. Landon got two new outfits and adorable shoes. 

 Tessa was finally ready for a nap. She slept forever! Which meant she was up very late. She read books with Aunt Polly.  

And opened another gift from Eris. She gave her an adorable bunny! It even has lavender ears.  

Today was a great day full of more memories!