Happy Birthday Mickey!

Today we headed to Disneyland to meet up with the family for a fun filled day.  Tessa and Landon decided to wake up wayy earlier than normal so we were in the car headed to Disneyland at 7:40 am! We hit some morning traffic but the drive wasn’t too bad.  Tessa and I talked most of the drive and she didn’t ask to watch a show on the phone (which made me proud).

I brought both kids in their pjs since Tessa wanted to wear her Belle dress and Landon spits up still. We arrived earlier than the rest of the family so I was left to tackle our morning solo.  I hadn’t taken the kids by myself yet.

They look so cute ready to go!

When we arrived we took a picture to celebrate Mickey’s birthday and then headed to the baby center to nurse Landon and let Tessa use the little potty.  Tessa was very patient and waited while Landon ate.  

Then we saw the princesses (shocker!) and watched the Mary Poppins and Bert show in front of the castle.  Tessa was brave and went out to dance with them but was too busy watching the band to follow Mary Poppins directions. 

mary video 

Then we met up with the family: Gigi, Auntie, Paige, Aunt Polly, Aunt Penny and Brittney.  First we rode the tea cups and then Storybook Canal. After lunch Tessa napped while everyone else rode Space Mountain.  We did a ride switch pass so I was able to ride too!  It was so fun riding a big kid ride for once.

Aunt Polly watched The Mickey and the Magical Map show with Tessa so I could stay with Landon in the back since it’s a loud show.

On our way out of the park to head to California Adventure we got stuck in the Christmas Parade but it was worth it because Tessa got to the “her Beast”.  She waved and was on cloud nine.

Once in California Adventure we had to stop to watch the trolley show before riding Toy Story Mania.  Then we rode the Ariel ride and finished off the night with Dancing Cars.

Overall, I was proud of myself and my ability to manage both kids alone (for the most part).