Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Today Daddy turned 31 years old. Tessa was so excited to make him a cake. 

Then she made him a card. I tried to teach her how to use scissors but she wanted to use two hands. 

Before dinner Daddy opened his presents. Gigi and Papa bought him new workout clothes, Auntie got him a beer opener, and we gave him a sander. 

Tessa decided she needed a picture because Daddy was getting lots of pictures taken. Then we went to Anchos for dinner. Tessa loved the tortillas with butter. 

She ate lots of beans and started eating the salsa with her spoon. 

The waitress gave her a ball of tortilla dough to take home and Tessa thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

At home we sang Daddy happy birthday and ate cake. Tessa just ate the frosting and sprinkles.