Happiest Place on Earth

For Tessa Disneyland is her happy place. She lights up the minute we get there. 

We started with a visit to Mickey (Tessa’s request). His line was long so James took Tessa to meet Daisy while I waited in line for Mickey. She just kept saying Daisy the whole time. 

Tessa was the last person in the group to meet Mickey so he gave her extra time and attention. 

On our way to meet up with the Engstrom’s Tessa spotted Goofy so we had to quickly meet him as well.  


We met up with the Engstrom’s at Olaf’s Snow Fest in California Adventure. This was both girls first snow experience. The ground was slippery so Tessa didn’t care for the snow and just wanted to be held. Valerie enjoyed it though! The lighting was weird in this area so the pictures look bad. 


Then we met Olaf. Tessa loved his coal buttons. 

(Olaf pictures here waiting for download)

Then we rode Tow Mater too bad Valerie isn’t tall enough yet.  

Then it was off to The Little Mermaid ride. Tessa rode with Daddy while Valerie rode with me.  

Then the girls both napped…thank goodness. When they woke up they wanted to ride the ladybugs.  

We decided to head over to Disneyland for a few more rides. Tessa went on the tea cups with the Engstrom’s but then looked for James and I most of the ride. On the video you can tell she finds us and waves.  


Our last ride of the day was Dumbo. Tessa was happy she got the purple dumbo.