Halloween 2015

Tessa had a great Halloween this year. She helped Daddy carve her pumpkin. We went with a kitty to match her costume. She wasn’t about the gross insides.  


She got bored with pumpkin carving and stopped for a snack while Daddy finished up.  

We are ready for trick or treaters!  

Aunt Penny came over to hand out candy for us. She also helped take some family photos.  

Then we put on Tessa’s costume. I think she should wear whiskers everyday she looks so cute!  

 Tessa was losing her patience waiting for it to get dark and she wanted one of the ring pops we were handing out. I let her have one assuming she wouldn’t like it because it was sour. Boy was I wrong! She loved it!  


Time to go trick or treating! Tessa loved it because everyone thought she was so cute so they would let her choose her candy and most houses gave her more than one. We let her have some smarties as we walked along. 




Tessa was very polite and signed “thank you” to everyone. Once we got back home she went straight back to her ring pop.  


After a good teeth brushing it was time for bed! Tessa did pretty well in the candy department.