Gymboree Play and Music

Today went to Corona to try out a Gymboree Play and Music class. I was really looking forward to meeting new moms and letting Tessa socialize with other babies. She could have gone to either the 6-10 month class or the 10-16 month class. I signed her up for the 10-16 month class bad move on my part. Although Tessa had fun, the babies in this class were almost walking and have been coming for months. They knew how to climb on the equipment and the routines. The moms even new the songs! Tessa liked playing with the balls and bouncing. She cried when it was time to clean up the music toys (we usually do a switch method with her). This little boy also kept taking every toy Tessa wanted to play with. I realized I need to decide how to handle these types of situations. Although Tessa seemed a little overwhelmed at first I think she enjoyed her time. We are going to sign up for a month and try the 6-10 month age group class. The benefit to signing up for that level is we can attend more than one class a week allowing Tessa to get more familiar with the teacher’s routines and the play equipment. I’m looking forward to it!