Great Day!

This week has been a little difficult because Tessa got a rash on Monday from her measles shot. The reaction could happen 3 to 28 days after the vaccine was administered. Monday was 15 days and that’s when a rash similar to the measles showed up. She wasn’t herself this week and it made for some long days. 

Today however was awesome! Her rash is almost gone and she woke up in a much better mood this morning. 

We started our morning playing. She talks so much and plays well alone in the morning. I love just watching her learn and explore. Today she wanted me to read her favorite ladybug book and even set up her baby in the stroller so she could listen too.

After a bath and nap we headed to the park. She didn’t want to swing much today instead she wanted to climb on the equipment and go down the slides. 

Then we went to Target to pick up some random things I needed for around the house. Tessa snacked on puffs as we shopped.

Once we got home Tessa finally decided to eat soilds again and tried a mango and banana food pouch. She ate the whole thing! We played some more, she practiced standing a lot and watched pandas eat bamboo on the San Diego Zoo website.

This video shows what she does when she wants a toy turned on. She rocks back and forth telling me she wants to hear the music.

I let her watch one Barney song before her nap. I love how she is copying the kids and trying to do the hand movements.

After her nap Daddy came home from work and threw her up in the air. She kept asking him to do it more!

Daddy and Tessa played outside swinging and riding in her car while I did my workout video. Then Tessa ate soilds again at dinner! This is a big deal since she has been refusing food lately.

Days like this remind me of how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom.