Goofy’s Kitchen

We decided to take Tessa to Goofy’s Kitchen for her second birthday since she loves meeting the characters so much. We had reservations for breakfast and couldn’t wait to see Tessa’s reaction. With the time change and a long nap yesterday Tessa went to bed late so we had to wake her up to make it to Disneyland on time. 

  Once we arrived we took pictures with Goofy then waited to be seated.  

Tessa really wanted Pluto to be at breakfast so we were happy to see him visiting with guests once we were seated. Chip stopped by first and helped Tessa get set up.  

Then Minnie stopped by  

We went to get some food and Tessa surprised me and actually ate even though she was so excited!  

Then it was time for the character march. Tessa loved this part so much. 

After the march our waitress brought Tessa a birthday cupcake and sang her happy birthday. Tessa even blew out the candle!  

Then Dale stopped by and gave Tessa a huge hug!  

Finally Pluto stopped by after that. Tessa was so happy! He tried to eat her head then played chase with her.  

Tessa loved the sprinkles that came with her cupcake and the red jello.

Chip stopped by one more time and spent a lot of time with Tessa. 

Then she got one more visit from Pluto and Minnie.  

I’m so glad we decided to take Tessa here! It will be a day we all remember!