Good bye level 3, Hello level 4

Tessa moved from level 3 to level 4 at Gymboree since she turned 16 months old. Her new class age range is 16-22 months. Tonight we went to her first level 4 class. We chose this particular class because Miss Jessica taught it and that is Tessa’s favorite teacher. The structure of the class was similar to level 3 but some routines were a little different. Today’s focus for level 4 “little explorers” was finding circles. I like that this level focuses on the cognitive and physical aspect. Tessa had fun playing with circles and putting balls through the circles on the bridge.  

Then she did the obstacle course and climbed through circles and in tunnels then eventually jumped from the bridge into a circle.  

Tessa liked the tap and freeze game they played on the air log and preferred it over the air log push in level 3. 

This class ended with Gymbo stamps on your hands and feet instead of Gymbo kisses. Not sure if Tessa quite understood the stamp yet but she did like giving Miss Jessica a hug.

I’m excited to see what new skills Tessa learns in level 4.