Gigi and Papa time 

Gigi and Papa are leaving for a 14 day cruise to Europe on Monday so we are letting Tessa see them as much as possible this weekend. 

On Friday night Tessa went in the spa at their house. She loves the bubbles. After she showered with Papa in the outside shower. She thought it was so cool. 

On Saturday night we went to Polly and Kurt’s house to visit with the family. Tessa got to go on their spa with Paige. She liked being able to touch the bottom and stand in the middle. 

On Sunday afternoon Gigi and Papa came by one more time before leaving for their trip. They went on a walk with Tessa and had fun playing. 

We are going to miss Gigi and Papa so much while they are gone. Hopefully 14 days goes fast for us but slow for them so they can enjoy their vacation.