Georgia-Day 1

Tessa loves the cabin we are staying in and even got to sleep in the big bed with me.  After baths, getting ready and breakfast we headed to the pavilion to watch some surfing.  Tessa checked out the riding order and then got to go swimming the Auntie and Angie. The water was super shallow so Tessa loved how far out she could go. Ariel and Blonde tagged along with us and kept Tessa entertained for hours in the water.

Tessa took a break from swimming to wish Mike good luck and watch some surfing.

Then it was back in the water for more swimming with Auntie.

Soon it was Auntie’s turn to ride and we all watched and cheered her on.

After dinner back at the cabin Gigi helped Tessa build part of the beach Lego set that Papa bought her yesterday at our Walmart trip.